Monkey Smugglers


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Beware the evil animal smuggler!

Here we shine light on the most evil practice associated with pet monkeys and exotic animals – the smuggler. Sadly, when you are engaging a person selling a pet monkey in this day and age, you need to always remain vigilant. If the offer sounds too good to be true then it usually is. Legitimate monkey breeders will have multiple animals in their purpose built shelter and will have a license and or paper work to go with. Monkey breeders will also invite you to see the animals before making a final decision.

On the contrary, evil monkey smugglers will go to any cruel lengths to smuggle monkeys illegally into the country for the sole purpose to profit from. Unfortunately this includes drugging and confining the animal to a very small space within their luggage and/or under clothing. It is not only monkeys that smugglers target. It is all kinds of exotic animals that these criminals exploit. Evil monkey poaches and smugglers will only have one or two monkeys for sale and will try to limit their contact with you in fear of being caught. Their prices will be higher than scammers and they will prefer to send you the monkey rather than you going to meet the animal face to face before the transaction occurs.

monkey smugglers

In some cases of reported animal smuggling the smuggler or their associates will try to organize the sale of the animal(s) before it is actually smuggled illegally into the country. Again this is often done over the internet, so this ever more reason for prospective pet monkey carers to be extremely careful to identify and report it.

If you suspect smuggling behavior with the person you are engaging it is important to report this and their full details to the authorities as soon as possible so they can follow up appropriately.