Monkey Sanctuaries


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One thing i would say to an individual wanting to adopt a baby monkey as a pet or any other exotic pet for that matter. Go and visit a monkey or exotic animal rescue or sanctuary. Not to go and take one home, because they will simply not let you. But to experience what it is like to interact, care for and expect from such an animal. After the experience ask yourself honestly if you can cope and maintain that level of energy and patience with such an animal.

baby monkey laughing

Of course, if you are a celebrity then you can pay for a few full-time animal carers that will look after your pet animals but if you are not a celebrity or do not have the resources like a celebrity than you will need to quit your day job and look after them.


The monkey/primate sanctuaries located around the world are below:


  • Suncoast Primate Sanctuary (Florida, U.S.A)

Address: U.S.A

Contact Number:

Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday 10:00- 16:00

suncoast primate sanctuary


  • Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (Bali, Indonesia)

Address: , Indonesia

Contact Number:

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 08:30 – 18:00


  • Frisky’s Wildlife & Primate Sanctuary (U.S.A)


Contact Number:


  • Mindy’s Primate Sanctuary (U.S.A)


Contact Number:

mindys primate sanctuary

  • Sibu Sanctuary (Costa Rica)

Address: Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Contact Number: (Costa Rica Only) 506-8413-8889; 506-8866-4652

Sibu Sanctuary monkey costa rica

  • Tulum Monkey Sanctuary (Mexico)


Contact Number:

Tulum monkey Sanctuary

  • Wild Futures, The monkey Sanctuary (United Kingdom)


Contact Number:

Opening Hours: Saturday – Sunday 11:00 – 16:30

Wild-Futures monkey sactuary

  • Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary (Malaysia)


Contact Number:

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 08:00 – 18:00