Monkey Expenses


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Monkey Expenses

Seeing an infant monkey jumping around you and looking at you innocently with those big brown eyes seems very cute. It makes your decision of buying a pet monkey very firm. There are certain guides on net and trained people too who motivate you and can prove helpful in time of need. Everything seems perfect. But still it is suggested to think twice before keeping monkey in your house as a pet

baby1-bath-time monkey pet

Pet Monkey Living Requirements

Firstly the baseline fact is that pet monkey’s when in infant stage are like any other animals who look extremely adorable. But as they grow up they become very aggressive. Primates can’t be toilet trained and relieve themselves very fast. They can become extremely aggressive with growing age and start biting people. They are not friendly with strangers. Their rearing is very expensive. Firstly they need a huge area to stay. The minimum area needed by a monkey is 4feet*6feet*6feet as they need a lot a space to exercise and move around. We know that monkeys are an active animal. Care must be taken to have a place were sunlight is available for a pet monkey. You might have a second cage placed in sunlight or have some means of exposing the primate to light. This is because monkey’s need vitamin D which is very essential for their development. If you can’t provide sunlight then it should be substituted with vit D tablets.

baby monkey in china

Pet Monkey Health Requirements

The food provided to the primate should be very nutritious. It should have fruits, vegetables, small insects like grass hoppers, cricket, etc, vitamin and mineral supplements, boiled egg etc. minimum expenditure on food is $ 25 per week. Hygiene is of utmost importance. The monkey’s cage should be cleaned at least twice a week with a disinfectant and the house of the owner should be cleaned daily with cleaning agents. Medical checkups are of utmost importance… The monkey should be taken regularly to the vet to overrule tuberculosis which is very common in primates.
Monkey’s are jungle animals and can’t be caged. They live well and survive for long if they are in the wilderness. They belong to the jungle. We should not forget that they too have a right to live life the way they want.


In summary, owning a pet monkey is and will be very expensive that is why many Hollywood celebrities have them and other exotic animals as pets.


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