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You are here because you want to know where you can find a baby pet monkey and you simply have NO TIME to spend countless hours trawling through out of date websites to finally come across nothing or worst a scammer.


Lets be straight up about it, there are undesirables in this world who DO pose as monkey sellers and who request hundreds and sometimes even thousands of your dollars and then send you nothing.


We ONLY list breeders that are current and all of the monkey breeders welcome buyers to visit and pick up their baby monkey in person. All of our monkey breeders welcome telephone calls, inquiries and visits before purchase.


Why WAIT any longer………


Remember baby pet monkeys are popular and pet monkey breeders only have a certain amount of newly arriving baby monkeys a year. DO NOT DELAY!!! Contact the Pet monkey breeders listed in this Baby Pet Monkey breeders List for your chance to contact and learn from the breeders directly.



At last! A BABY PET MONKEY BREEDERS LIST with everything you need – 100% guaranteed results or you pay nothing

  • The Baby Pet Monkey Breeders Guide is updated regularly with new listings of monkey breeders and seller’s to ensure that you get the most up-to-date information available.
  • Real telephone numbers & addresses of real people That have monkeys to sell.
  • No more searching for an affordable monkey For sale! You will be in direct contact with leading breeder’s and owners.
  • Prices vary, depending on type of monkey, gender and age as well as location but you’ll save hundreds or even thousands from buying direct. No middle man is involved (you deal with the breeder direct).
  • On some occasions, monkeys are given away to a good home for FREE! Be the first to hear about it as you will join our mailing list for free.

The list is more than just a list of breeders it also has some insight on:

  • The legalities of monkey ownership
  • How to avoid the increasing occurrence of scammers.
  • & useful links on the internet.

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