Marmoset Monkeys


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Marmoset Monkeys

marmoset monkeys

One of the most popular pet monkeys in Britain with over 80% of sale adverts accounting for this monkey breed alone. The Marmoset monkey is a ‘new world’ monkey and are native to South America. They have been known to inhabit a number of South American countries such as Bolivia, Columbia and Brazil.

Like all monkey breeds they are very social creatures and normally live in family groups of up to 3 to 15. So if the monkeys are held in a captive surround then they should be kept with a number of other monkeys together.

Marmoset monkeys are also very active, they have high energy and need to expend it throughout the day by jumping around and climbing trees. It is thought that the marmoset breed do leave scent markings to mark their territory however it is still unclear how aggressive they are at defending their territory as in the wild many home terrirtories overlap each other with neighboring communities.

In the wild the marmoset monkeys look for a tree sap which they feed on by gnawing away at tree trunks to get to. If they are kept in captivity then knowing this fact can prepare you for buying more wood tree trunks for the monkeys. The baby marmosets also like to feed on tiny insects which can normally be found in the canopy of their natural habitat.

marmoset monkeys2

In China the super wealthy are fueling the illegal trade of baby marmoset monkeys which have received the nickname of ‘thumb monkeys’ the reference infers the small size of the monkey when they cling to the persons thumb.