Legal Issues


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3 Ownership of monkeys is not a very well appreciated phenomenon and there are restrictions in many states for owner ship of the same. There are animal right forums and lot of other associations which defy the owner ship. After all taking care of monkeys is not the same as taking care of other pets.

However if you have decided to own a monkey then it’s important to know whether the state law permits the ownership or not. The best way to do id to get in touch with the regulatory officer in the department of games, fish or wild life and find out about the animal ordinance. Then you can get information regarding the ownership rights. There are few states which have completely banned the ownership of primates whereas there are others which allow ownership with licensing. The ordinance department or the zonal office will provide you with this information. If there is a licensing needed then its best to get in touch with the Regulating officer in the wild life department and know the legalities.


slide2 In the places where there is non ownership but you still want to take own one, its best to apply for the license of breeder/exhibitor with the department of USDA. The people of this department would then do a legal and critical check of your place for assurance. They would check whether your home conditions are suitable for the animal or not, your interaction and rearing capabilities and whether in future you can afford to keep one or not. Once they are satisfied, then the permission is granted. However if you still don’t get the permission and you are very passionate to own one monkey then it’s advisable to move to a state which permits ownership. But there also there are terms and conditions regarding ownership. There is a clear mention that the animals are banned on all commercial locations and should be confined to the agricultural zone. It is better to check go through all the legal formalities before owning a monkey as a pet. After all one small mistake might take them away from you.