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Monkeys can be a great service animal or helper animal for people with impaired mobility. These specially trained assistance monkeys are offered by a number of charity organizations in the United States of America to adults to help with day to day in-home activities that would of been difficult or impossible to do alone without the helper monkey.

These charities do fantastic work with Veterans, Spinal Cord injury patients and mobility limiting condition patients regain their independence with daily living and consequently mental health with these service animals.

monkey service animal

The most popular monkey service animal species is the Capuchin monkey and it is utilized because of its size and its fabulous motor skills. The Capuchin also has hair like humans do, so there is no issue with allergies from fur. Capuchin monkeys also have a long life-span of 30-40 years relative to dog service animals.

Veterans are one of the most benefited group that helper monkeys can assist.  Not only do the monkeys help out in the wounded veterans daily tasks but the monkey also serves as a companion and  the monkey can not only help the Veteran focus on the present day but also on the future. The service monkey may not undo the emotional trauma the Veteran experienced during his service (PTSD) but is thought to help alleviate the time spent alone and help focus the patient on the future in a positive sense.

If you are a wounded Military Veteran or a person with an immobility limiting condition and would like to check if you are eligible for an assistance monkey then you can Visit : Helping Hands (US Based)

Also if you would like to donate to the Helping Hands Charity Organization you can do so HERE. God Bless you!