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  • Americans love affair with pet monkeys

    There has been a lot of changes in the American world today, as compared to the 1950s and 60s, when we didn’t know any better. We now do. Of course it is a lot of fun having a pet monkey. The love for monkeys can be proved by letting them remain as monkeys and live in zoos and not holding

  • Bay City law may take away a pet squirrel monkey

    07 March 2016 A pet squirrel monkey owner in Bay city Michigan may lose her pet monkey after just purchasing it from a monkey breeder in the south of the country. In many southern states laws permit pet monkey ownership, however due to strict ordinances in Bay city they current laws do not include monkeys as house animals. Sadly the

  • Justin Bieber is thinking of getting another Pet Monkey

    26 February 2016 Justin Bieber has said recently that he is contemplating about getting another pet monkey. After winning himself a Grammy and Best male artist at the Brit awards for the past year of hard work it is no surprise the artist is looking to relax and buy a new pet. Justin had a pet monkey not too long

  • 13 Monkey Facts – Wildly Interesting

    Monkeys have always been regarded as fun, lovable and entertainingly witty creatures. They are oftentimes shown in movies as having close interaction with humans and having the ability to be on the same interactive level that is not commonly found to that of other animals in the mammal kingdom. Some are facts, some are fiction. So I’m here to give